From the recordings Concrete Grave (Single) and Concrete Grave

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Concrete Grave (Single)

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First official single release, available everywhere!
released September 22, 2019

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Markus Power


Trapped inside these walls of DEATH!
Silent Fortress
Built in the age of fear
Enemy's target
Cursing who's living near
Three meter thick walls
Last frontier of judgement day
Fireballs in the sky
Put on your sunglasses and DIE
Trapped inside a human cage
'til both sides escalate
Worldwide nuclear missile race
Left to die
We’re trapped inside
Total genocide
Worldwide nuclear missile race
Left to die – concrete grave
Nuclear holocaust
Whole world surrounded by flames
Rising sun at midnight
Soon followed by toxic rain
Decision of two men
Euthanasia for the mass
People to ashes
Flesh to dust
No one can hide!

No people left to kill
Warheads have prevailed
Aftermath is lingering
Remaining life decays
Cowards hiding in the shelter
Thinking they are safe
But they'll rot eventually
Inside their concrete grave
Death and hate!
Concrete grave!
No one escapes!
No one survives!